Great News!

I am here to help you!


In today's market realtors have to be on top of everything! You have to post listings, advertise and get followers on social media, make virtual flyers, etc. So much to get done plus take care of the clients, of course!

Well thats why I am here! My name is Karina and I help realtors with (lets be honest) the annoying stuff to get clients and expose your listings! Im not an assistant, but I am an aid!!! I can help you with everything from posting your listings daily to making flyers, social media collages and more!! And the best part is since I am not an assistant, you don't pay an assistant salary!

Special offers

  • 6 daily postings + craigslist for $150 a month.
  • 2 virtual flyers/ campaigns for you to send via email for only $30
  • 2 weeks of unlimited social media collages of your properties for $20
Note: you must provide me with the MLS Listings you wish me to work on. Everything you provide me with will be CONFIDENTIAL between us. (Offer valid until 10/31/14)