Family Bingo Night Basket!

Help make our class basket FABULOUS!

The FORCE of Bingo Night is strong...

On Friday, April 22nd, Traeger Elementary will hold our annual BINGO NIGHT. This is a fun, inexpensive family activity that the children LOVE.

Every year each classroom selects a theme for a basket. The families from each classroom donate items to put in the basket, and each basket will be won by a very lucky winner on bingo night!

The theme for our classroom basket is...The Force meets Potter, V.S. Unicorns! Some ideas we could include are anything related to Star Wars, Harry Potter or Unicorns and Glitter. A perfect blend of everything our classroom loves!

Let’s make our basket GREAT!!!

Bingo Night Basket Items Needed By

Wednesday, April 20th, 3pm

3000 West 20th Avenue

Oshkosh, WI

Send your donations to school by Wednesday, April 20th.