PKMS 5.24.21 Newsletter

A Close Look At How We Did & Will Do Our Work

Attendance Matters Each Day

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In-Person & Virtual Learning

We are now in Week 6 of Quarter 4 - Please be sure to attend class each day - Those who come to the building four days and those who log on virtually

Families, please be sure to review your child's assignments and grades via our Parent Portal

Please email your child's teacher for follow-up questions or clarification


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Together We Are Stronger!

During the month of May, we celebrate Jewish American and Asian and Pacific American Heritage Months - Solidarity is needed now more than ever

Our Commitment to Character theme is Attitudes and Values. To support this work, our weekly quote:

“Ask how something can be done rather than saying it can't be done."

Our appreciate continues for your engaging learning environments, dedication, planning, collaboration, assessment of students, focus, and hard work.

Remember, to SMILE (Show My Infectious Lovable Energy) as it is the first thing students, families, and colleagues see.

Let's Keep These Thoughts in Mind:

  • Laugh a little. Laugh a little more.
  • Gladden the heart of a child.
  • Always operate from a honest place.
  • Give a soft answer.
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Every Minute of Learning Adds Up

Let's make EVERY MINUTE matter!! As we look ahead to the end of the year, we must continually remind ourselves that EVERY minute counts. Students and Staff will give 100% until the very last day of instruction!
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Notes of Gratitude

    • Thank you for administering the Interim Assessments - we have a few lest

    • Thank you to Parketha and her team for nourishing our students

    • Thank you to our custodial team, led by Tim, for sanitizing our building and maintaining the cleanliness
    • Thank you to Lurana, Nancy, and Debbie for making things run smoothly!
    • Thank you to Ms. Simon and Dr. Campolongo and leading the way
    • Thank you to Chemay, Nigel, and Merriweather for maintaining the safety of our building
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    Federal Funding

    As many of you have heard, our district has been awarded some new funding. The Principals have been asked to provide a list of what we believe we need to move our work forward.

    I have been working with Directors and Department Leaders to determine our needs inclusive of additional staff.

    Let's hope the funds are released so we can have a greater impact on instruction and learning.

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    What does the data say - NYS Exams & Unit Exams

    Unit Assessments

    • Please ensure that you are administering them with students supports built in
    • Analyze Student Performance
    • Share Students Performance with your Grade Content Colleague

    AimsWeb Plus - Math Assessment

    • May 26 - Administration to Virtual Students & Makeups

    Interim Assessments

    • May 10 & May 11 - Spanish
    • May 14 - ELA
    • May 21 - Science
    • May 25 - Math
    • May 27 - Social Studies
    • June 3 - ENL


    • May 17 Session 1, May 18 Session 2 & May 20 session 3 (Grade 6) AM Period 1,2 & 3 May 19

    • May 24 Session 1, May 25 Session 2 & May 27 session 3 (Grades 7 & 8) AM Period 1,2 & 3.

    Post SLO Exams

    • Grade 6 - TBD
    • Grade 7 - June 14 - Periods 7 & 8
    • Grade 8 - June 15 - Periods 1-3

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    Collaborative & Department Work

    "Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results." – Andrew Carnegie

    • Please review Wednesday's Schedule for Professional Development Opportunities, Grade-Level and Department Meetings, and Office Hours

    • Department Meetings

      • First and Third Wednesdays as a Whole Department

      • Second and Fourth Wednesday with your Grade Content Colleague

        • Content Grade Colleague Meetings
          • 2nd and 4th Wednesday
            • ELA, ENL, and Science Invites to Ms. Simon
            • Math and SS Invites to Mr. Lewis
            • LOTE, Spec Ed, and Encore Invites to Dr. Campolongo


    Plan for CRE Work/Restorative PD for all Secondary

    • Dates: May 26, June 9
    • Time: 9:00AM - 10:30AM - 90 minute PD segments
      • Group 1 Grade 6 Teams (10), Art (2) Health (1), Guidance (3), ENL (3), Special Ed (3), Admin (1) , Life Skills (1)
      • Group 2 Grade 7 Teams (10) Stem/Tech (2), PE/Dance (4), Clinical (3), Special Ed (2) Admin (1) Theater (1)
      • Group 3 Grade 8 Teams (10) Music (4) Dream (4), Librarian (1), Reading (2), Special Ed (2) Admin (1)

    virtual-age learning

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    Arts Live Here

    • Learning about a traditional Japanese Netsuke sculpture and then Sculpting their own

    • Preparing for the Spring Music Concert
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    a health-conscious mind & body

    Health & Physical Education:
    • Using Effective Communication Skills, Gross Motor Coordination, Endurance, Flexibility, and Strength.
    • Discussing Rules and Skills involved in the games of Spikeball and Pickleball.
    • Learning About, Discussing, and Exploring Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases
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    a humanities lens

    Social Studies:
    • Learning about the myth of how Rome was founded and learning about some of the first settlers of Italy, the Etruscans!

    English Language Arts:

    • Reading, analyzing, and responding to questions about 1960s Oklahoma and the chapters of SE Hinton’s The Outsiders read while also learning about themselves and learning to empathize with others’ lives

    • Writing an alternate ending to short story, “All Summer in a Day.”

    • Discussing interest-provoking and focus questions before, during and after reading

    Language Other Than English:

    • Reading, writing, listening and speaking about family and cultural celebrations in the past

    • Reading, writing, listening and speaking about emergencies, rescues, natural disasters and heroic act

    • Learning new vocabulary words and discuss situations in the past tense

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    stem is just the beginning

    STEM & Technology: May 27 -STEAM Fair @6:30PM Live Stream
    • Preparing for the Steam Fair


    • Calculating Experimental Probability
    • Converting decimals to Fractions


      • Displaying an understanding of Punnett Squares and inherited traits
      • Exploring Forces & Interactions
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      Girls On The Run 5K, Sunday, June 6th at 9 AM Dutchess County Rail Trail at Van Wyck Ln Wappingers Falls, NY

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      Spirit Days & Week

      Thursday, May 27 - Wear Red, White, and Blue in honor of Memorial Day

      June 14 - 18 - Final Spirit Week of 2020-2021

      • Monday, June 14 - Pajama Day
      • Tuesday, June 15 - Camouflage / Tie Dye Day
      • Thursday, June 17 - Peekskill Pride Day: Wear your Peekskill Pride Gear Rainbow Colors
      • Friday, June 18 - Honor Juneteenth in Social Studies Classrooms
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      Pride 2021............ is brought to you by Student Government and Student assistance services...........more info to follow


      For more information or if you, or someone you know, has a family member living with addiction please reach out to your Student Assistance Counselor:

      Ms. Geider -

      Margaret's Place

      The Margaret’s Place program at PKMS delivers school-based intervention and prevention services to children exposed to violence and trauma, facilitates school-wide violence awareness campaigns, and provides training to staff and families on these issues. Margaret’s Place is administered by WJCS in partnership with The Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation.

      Maura Rawlins- Program Coordinator/Social Worker
      914-737-4542 Ext. 2551

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      Important Dates

      • May 17 - 26 - Honors 8 Placement Assessment
      • May 27 -STEAM Fair @6:30PM Live Stream
      • June - LGBTQ Month
      • June 1 - 4 - Honors 8 Placement Scoring
      • June 2 and Thursday, June 3 -Hillcrest-Middle School Articulation
      • June 2 - Team Supply Lists to Mr. Lewis by this date
      • June 7 - 15 - Final Project Week
      • June 8 - National Junior Honor Society
      • June 9 - Grade 8 Science Written
      • June 14 - Grade 6 Virtual Awards Ceremony @10
      • June 15 - Grade 7 Virtual Awards Ceremony @10
      • June 16 - Grade 8 Dinner Dance - Gymnasium & Cafe
      • June 17 & 18 (If not sooner) - Post SLO
      • June 17 - Grade 6 Field Day - 6 North
      • June 18 - Grade 6 Field Day - 6 South
      • June 18 - Staff Relocating within the building must have boxes packed by this date

      • June 18 - All Quarter Four and Final Average Grades Completed by this date
      • June 20 & June 21 - Grade 7 Field Day - Details will follow
      • June 21 - Classroom diagram for how you want you room set up for September must be submitted to Mr. Lewis by this date
      • June 21 - 22 - Collection of District-Issued Chromebooks for In-Person Students
      • June 23 - MS Moving-Up Ceremony on Front Lawn - 10AM 8 North and 1PM 8 South
      • June 24 - All classroom boards covered by this date
      • June 24 - Full Virtual Day of Instruction for All Students
      • June 25 - Last of Day of School for All Students
      • June 25 - All District-Issued Chromebooks to Staff must be returned to Tech TA to be inventoried
      • June 28 - July 2 - Collection of District-Issued Chromebooks for Virtual Students
      • July 6 - August 5 - PKMS Virtual Summer School
      • Jump Start
        • Mon, 8/23
          • 10am A-L
          • 12pm M-Z
        • Tues, 8/24
          • 10am A - L
          • 12pm M - Z
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      Some Reminders

      • Take attendance for each of your instructional periods
      • Ensure 504 and IEP Plans are being supported
      • Ensure grade content colleague planning - reflecting Rubicon Atlas
      • Ensure Gradebook and Teacher Webpage/Google Classroom reflect current information and assignments
      • Communicate with families and maintain that communication in PLP
      • Data Driven Instruction Model
        • Always Ask: Have They Learned? How Do You Know?
        • Training One Another
        • Discussing Student Performance Information
        • Designing Tiered Instruction
        • Reflecting on Daily Practice
        • Reviewing Assessments from All Content Areas (Formative, Summative, Interim)
        • Discussing Progress Monitoring Efforts
        • Pacing through Rubicon Atlas
      • Lesson Plans Should Be Designed with the following in Mind
        • Questions Posed - What is the level
        • Tiered Instruction
        • Guided Instruction
        • Driven By Data
        • Clear and Articulated Assessment Throughout (assessments must contain spiraling back questions)
        • Groupings (Fluid)
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      We thank you for your work in excellence and collaboration! Have a great day and take some time for YOU.