Benjamin Rush

Why Was He An American Hero

Who is Benjamin Rush?

Benjamin was a Founding Father in the United States. Rush was a civic leader in Philadelphia, where he was a physician, politician, social reformer, educator and humanitarian, as well as the founder of Dickonson College in Carlisle,PA

About Benjamin

Why was he an American Hero?

Benjamin Rush was considered an American Hero because he signed the declaration of independence and he also joined the continental congress, and he served as a sergeon general in the continental army.He also became a professer of chemestry,medical theory,and clinical practice at the University of PA.Benjamin was a leader of the American Enlightment and a proud supporter of the American Revoulution.In 1788 he was a leader of PA's confirmation of the constitution.He was smart in many subjcts such as Medicine and Education.

Where was he from ?

Benjamin Rush was from Bybery,PA he was born on December,24,1745 and he died on April,19,1813

Was he married ,did he have childeren?

Yes, he was married. He married Julia Stockton on January,11,1776.He did not have chideren.