I think, if anything is to be blamed for Macbeth's downfall, it's his own psychosis. Plain and simple, he succumbed to the pressure of his own mind. What happened to Macbeth is a textbook case of somebody with early stage narcissistic personality disorder mixed with obvious case of schizotypal personality disorder, with some heavy I.E.D, "Prithee see there! behold! look! lo! How say you?" (scene 4, act one, 101.) Macbeth is facing some serious hallucinations. Call it survivors guilt, or just a nervous breakdown he is slowly just losing his mind throughout the whole play. Macbeth doesn't hallucinate just wants during the play either, before killing King Duncan, he sees a knife before him, begging him to kill Duncan, "Is this a dagger I see before me, The handle toward my hand? Come, let me clutch thee! I have thee bot, and yet I see thee still." (act two, scene one, 51). Macbeth just goes slowly and suddenly, at the end, insane. He will stop at nothing to do what the witches say, (the witches possibly being another hallucination?), " "All hail, Macbeth, that shalt be king hereafter!" (act one, scene two 19) For those reasons, I'm comparing Macbeth to the song "Bukowski" by Modest Mouse. The lyrics, "Well we sat on the edge the crowd screamed sacrifice the liver, if God takes life he's an Indian giver so tell me now why, you'll never tell me. But God who'd wanna be, God who'd wanna be such a control freak" fit perfectly with Macbeth killing King Duncan. Macbeth basically wrote his own death when he killed Duncan, he played God. Also, Macbeth was shown to be power hungry, he wanted things but he wanted them his way. After killing the king, Macbeth became obsessed with power. Which he got, granted through killing. He wanted more and more and more. It gets to a point near the end of the book where Macbeth doesn't care who it is, if he can get some sort of power out of killing them, he will, "well if God controls the land and disease. Keeps a watchful eye on me, if He's really so damn mighty my problem is, who would want to be, who would want to be such an asshole?" Again, towards the end here, Macbeth seems to see himself as God, or omnipotent. He controls everything and can't see or understand why people won't follow him.
Modest Mouse-Bukowski
I'm comparing Macbeth to Stiles from Teen Wolf because at the start of both Macbeth and Teen Wolf both of them were just normal guys, a little weird but normal. However, for both of them during the play and show they turn into people who will kill for anything mainly power.