Ferdinand Magellan

Dylan Johnson


Magellan was a Portuguese explorer born in 1480 CE. His parents were nobles, and they died when he was only 10. Afterwards, he became a page for the Queen. He spent many days reading books on cartography and celestial navigation.

Achievements and Discoveries

Magellan was the first person to travel all the way around the globe, and return in his original destination. This proved that the world was entirely round, which many people knew by then. But he actually proved it to be true. Although he didn't make it back himself, (he was killed in the Philippines) his remaining crew returned with stories of lands far off.

Impact on the World

Magellan's impact on the world may be subtle, but it has led to many more things in this world being discovered. Without him, the church might still believe that the world is flat. His discovery led to other explorers venturing out and discovering new territory, which led to the world as we know it today.
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Ferdinand Magellan - Mini Biography