Super Seahorse

Cameron Schmidt


Over 50 species of seahorse are known to humans. Some are big, some are small. Some are pink, some are green. Even though they might have their differences, they are all equally amazing. There are many facts on the habitat, appearance, and the way these little creatures get around the ocean.


Seahorses are very unique and fascinating creatures. They live in an amazing environment, have a beautiful appearance, and an interesting way of getting around. That is why seahorses are wonders of the ocean.

Word Wall

This word wall has seahorse related words on it.
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In my diorama I included a seahorse, a leafy sea dragon, a blue whale, a clown fish, seaweed, a jellyfish, tuna, coral, a sea star, and a clam.
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These poems are about seahorses.

A long curly tail

Round and round and round we go

On a brown seahorse

Where is the seahorse

It hides well with camouflage

Welcome to its home

Go Fish

When I was designing my fish tank getting as close as possible to the budget was the most challenging part. I really enjoyed choosing my fish. I ended up with $44.02 left to spend on fish. I spent $19.06 and ended up under budget. I spent $225.04 out of my $250 budget. In the end I was $24.96 under budget.


Take a look at this video and try to find the seahorses.
Pygmy Seahorses: Masters of Camouflage | Deep Look