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Meet the Man with the Unimaginable Plan

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Revolutionizing The World One Person at a Time

Have you ever had a vision that would change the world? Mr. Bill Gates had that vision. He had a dream that there would be a computer on every desk around the world. His dream has become a reality as we now have a computer in basically every area beyond our homes, and our lives wouldn't be the same as they are without his dream. This was due to his love and passion for technological advancements. His motivation for the world of technology is why he achieved the success and wealth he earned. Gates is the most important revolutionary figure in the area of technological software in the 21st century. His creation of Microsoft revolutionized the world of software by creating the affordable software for personal computers used by millions of people around the world.

Early Gates

The story begins when Gates was born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington. He lived with his parents and two sisters ("Computer History"). He would read thirty-five books a year, which shows his motivation for learning, even though he would describe himself as a goof off in school ("Bill Gates Interview" 2-3). Gates loved math and eventually developed a love for computers. The first time bill used a computer was when he was twelve ("Bill Gates Interview" 2). The computer he used was very limited compared to today's standards, but it fascinated him and rocketed his passion for technology ("Bill Gates Interview" 2) In his 8th grade year he transferred from a public school over to a private school called Lakeside. At this school Gates had made a change in the way he did his work and became more serious about getting into a college ("Bill Gates Interview" 3). According to Gates interview with the Academy of Achievement, these changes went from showing no effort and getting poor grades into putting forth effort and as a result earning good grades (3). This was the beginning of connecting hard work and effort to achieve mastery for Gates.

College Life

As a young adult, Gates applied to Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. All of these wonderful colleges accepted him into their college, but he had to choose one. He chose Harvard and majored in mathematics ("Dawn of a Revolution"). Gates had begun showing rebellious signs when he never went to lectures he was scheduled for but instead he attended audits that occurred during the same times of his lectures because it fascinated him ("Dawn of a Revolution"). In college Gates developed a gambling problem from playing poker. Gates would stay up late working on programing, school work, and worked on studying the game of poker. This internal drive that Gates had shows his determination to work hard and achieve the success of a revolutionary. Later on in his college years Paul Allen who would eventually become the co-founder of Microsoft, showed Gates a copy of the Popular Electronic magazine and on the cover it showed a picture of the Altair ("Dawn of a Revolution"). In the article it stated that they need a working software for the Altair. As a result this caused Gates to create the software called Basic that would be used on the Altair ("Dawn of a Revolution"). Gates soon after dropped out of college and went straight to working on creating his company with Paul Allen which is known as Microsoft ("Dawn of a Revolution").



The first area of revolutionary status, was when Gates created Microsoft. There was no other business quite like it that made an impact in technology like it during its development. Gates changed the way our world works in almost every aspect through technology. He helped bring personal computers and devices to just about every home, cafe, school, library and street corner ("Dawn of a Revolution"). With the help of other great technological minds he revolutionized the way the world communicates and shares information. A fine example of the ways Gates revolutionized the world of global communication is right now, I am typing this in my living room and you could read this from literally every corner of our planet. With the internet other revolutionaries are coming to light and changing the world, because of what Gates did. His revolutionary idea that every home should have a PC has radically changed the face of the planet and the people on it. ("Dawn of a Revolution") Finally what will he do with his money?

Charity Work

In addition, Gates didn't just give us technology, he also gives back to communities around the world. "Our friend and co-trustee Warren Buffett once gave us some great advice about philanthropy: 'Don’t just go for safe projects,' he said. Together with his wife Melinda, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was formed in 2000. Since then they have shared their wealth with researchers hoping it would help with ending all diseases around the world ("The Reason The World Will Remember Bill Gates" 2). "Take on the really tough problems, ("Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation") is the first sentence in the, "Letter from Bill and Melinda Gates" on the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation website. The foundation was officially launched in 2000, but the Gates were benefactors well before that. The main focus of the BMGF are helping people in 3rd world countries by giving the vaccines for diseases that are easily preventable but have high death rates, the US educational system, and global development in things such as agriculture ("Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation"). The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is radically changing our world for the better. From helping kids get better educations to, helping people filter clean water and giving out life saving vaccines to people in need without earning profit. They are truly revolutionizing the way the world thinks and the way the world stays healthy ("Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation").
Mobile Phones: The Farmers New Tool (narrated by Melinda Gates)

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(Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)

Good Ole Mr. Gates

In conclusion, Gates is one of the most inspirational revolutionary figures of the twenty-first century, because he not only created useful and affordable programming and software equipment for the public to use as needed but he said in an interview with the Academy of Achievement, "I think the American Dream is kind of a global dream now, that young people can come up with new ideas and create companies that make a contribution, not just jobs, but whatever their innovation that they bring about (7)." Gates was determined to create a software company that would change the world of technology forever. Look what Gates did, he created Microsoft which has come so far since and is going beyond. He didn't do it for money, he did it because he wanted the world to gain success like he had done. He opened up a new world to everyone by spending his money for the good of countries that need it and people without computers can now access them easily. Although computing was easy for Gates he has many traits that are commonly found in revolutionaries. These include, motivation, goal-oriented, and determined. Gates doesn't just spend the money he earns he donates most of his earnings to causes that then improve the world and make the world a better place. Where would we be without the man who had the unimaginable plan?