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April 11

It's getting hot in here....

So it's time to remind students to put more clothes on! While there is not an official dress code that I am aware of, it is always good to let your students know that they should be layering and dressing for active play and recess.
Nelly - Hot In here Instrumental

Culturally Responsive Teaching

Yes, it's back! We took a break from CRT for a bit, BUT it is no less important. Please take a look at the articles on RESTORATIVE JUSTICE in this Padlet. Choose one to read or that you would like to read. Post three words that describe emotions that came up after reading the article. Post that to the same Padlet wall. Have fun! Think hard!

PIVOT Certified Evaluations

I can't believe it is already time to have our final evaluation meetings. Karla and I will be in classrooms getting some last drop-ins done. If you have not had your SECOND announced observation for the year, please schedule that with Julie or Karla.

For now, begin to gather data to finalize your Student Growth Goals. And collect evidence for the progress on your Professional Development Goal.

Schedule Committee

We had our first successful scheduling committee meeting last Wednesday. This will be a long process. I am confident that this team will be able to put a schedule together that meets the needs of our students!

We will meet every 2 weeks. Our plan is to have a schedule for you to view at our May 31st staff meeting.

Dia de las Madres and Mother's Day Celebration

On May 6th please plan on having cookies and punch (provided by PTO) during the last hour of the day to celebrate Mother's and Special Friends Day! The Latina Mamas will be delivering all of the materials for your class to make tissue flowers for the occasion as well as invitation templates for students to invite their guest. Beginning on Monday, May 2nd! You can make the flowers ahead of time OR wait and have students make them with their special guest. If you would like to do the project before the 6th, please let Karla or Jane know in advance and we will have a mom come to your classroom to help. Middle school students will also be available to help in your classrooms for the projects. Contact Jenn Mann for details. The goal, of course, is to have some time for your students to appreciate a special adult in their lives.

Duty Schedule

Please show up to your duty. If you have a substitute that day, remember to include your duty in your plans. The IA's really count on your help with before and after school jobs in all areas especially in the gym and at parent pick up. We are trying to get all students out in a timely manner safely and count on your help to make that happen. :)

You cannot let your students out EARLY

Please remember that there is NO supervision for your students before their designated recess time. This is a SAFETY issue. Also put it in your sub plans.

It may be tempting to offer more minutes at recess for a reward, but please refrain.

This also applies to end of school dismissal. Wait until the bell rings before letting your students out of the classroom. There is no one to supervise students in the gym (where there is class still happening) nor at the parent pick up, leaving kids unattended in the parking lot. THANK YOU for understanding this safety issue.

District Announcements

Special Education

2016-2017 Requests for Additional Adult Assistance are due to the Special Education Office no later than 5/6/16.

Staff Survey

Staff Survey

All staff surveys are open. Please continue encouraging your staff members to complete the appropriate survey. Links are included if you’d like to e-mail a reminder. If you’d like to see how many people from your building have responded, you can use the links below.

Classified Staff: https://www.surveymonkey.com/results/SM-CYJ9BQVS/

Certified Staff: https://www.surveymonkey.com/results/SM-6GKJNQVS/

Parent Survey

Parent Survey

The annual parent survey is also open. Please remind parents to complete the survey! A link to the parent survey can be found to your right. You can also see how many parents have responded using the link below.

English: https://www.surveymonkey.com/results/SM-SJQ97HYS/

Spanish: https://www.surveymonkey.com/results/SM-VFSVSVYS/

Spring Summit

Building the Future Spring Summit

Save the date and register now! Please join us for inspiring and practical learning sessions led by LITT's, Innovation Strategists, District Librarians and Future Ready teachers from Beaverton Schools. Open to all schools. Breakfast included. Stipend available for certified staff. Bonus stipend if you lead a session. Brought to you by your Instructional Innovation team.

May 14 from 9am - 1pm @ Aloha High School

Elementary Science

Opportunity for NGSS professional development for elementary teachers through Portland State University Math Science Partnership (MSP) Grant.

Tuition reimbursement with direct invoicing available. MSP Grant funds to support participants who've exhausted BSD tuition reimbursement funding. Hybrid course format combining in-person and online learning experiences.

Explore, engage and connect with the Next Generation Science Standards. Increase your capacity to support students in developing their conceptual understanding through 3-dimensional learning, integrating disciplinary core ideas, science and engineering practices, and crosscutting concepts. Investigate the intersection of Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and English Language Proficiency (ELP) in supporting language-rich learning environments for all students.

Registration begins: 5/2 Course dates 6/18-8/17

Opportunity for NGSS/CCSS professional development for elementary teachers through the Private Eye Program.

Teachers will apply crosscutting ideas of analogies, patterns, scale and proportion, systems and models, and structure and function throughout science, math, and literacy. The focus will be on embedding the use of a jeweler's loupe and questioning strategies into STEM content areas, as well as scientific and mathematical practices to enhance students' ability to: 1) develop motivational bridges between content areas; 2) make investigation into content areas simpler, but sophisticated and scholarly; 3) develop students who naturally write-across-the-curriculum with high-level results.

Course dates: 7/25-7/29

Elementary Student Survey

Student Survey

Elementary student surveys are open. So far, 1,277 students have completed the survey and 934 of them would give their school a grade of A or B. They survey can be found in Student Source (with flashing green lights). You can also see how many students in your building have completed the survey using the link to your right.


Middle School

Middle School Math Professional Development

Secondary ELA Professional Development

Middle School Student Survey

Student Survey

Middle school student surveys are open. So far, 43 7 have completed the survey. They survey can be found in Student Source (with flashing green lights)



Middle School Meeting Monday the 11th after School

To discuss attendance, and other items...

Staff Meeting Tuesday, April 12th

We will take some time to discuss restorative justice and what that means for Raleigh Hills. Look at the articles on Padlet to get your brain working. :)

Angela and Karla Out

Aprill 14th Angela and Karla OUT ALL DAY

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