Digital Citizenship Project

Ira H P.5

Rule#1 Digital Etiquette

Follow the Golden Rule: Digital Etiquette is very important in our digital lives, you have to treat people how you want to be treated and mean what you say when your online. People can get very affencive

Rule#2 Imformation Privacy

Be careful on the internet: your private information on the internet is very important. Before you share stuff on the internet you need to think about who is getting and what there doing with it people can also send you spam with emails you don't want that's why its important to be careful on the internet.

Rule# 3 Social Networking

Stay safe online: the safest way to stay safe would be to not post anything or go on any social media site without parents permision. Another way to stay safe online is to not put your real name, date of birth, and age thats how you stay safe on the internet

Rule# 4 Online Safty