Year 12 Community Service

Why do we serve?

About Community Service

What is Community Service?

Community Service is a volunteering job where you go out to the community to lend your assistance to the people, animals or even helping or improving the environment in the goodness of your heart.

Why we undertake Community Service?

We undertake community service because of many reasons like:

- School projects

- Volunteering

- A judge told them as a punishment for whatever you did

- Part of a religion

- Their family members or relatives are disable or needed help so they feel that they should be doing it

Who can we serve in the community?

In the community we can serve people or even other parts of the community like animals or cleaning the environment. As for serving people it can be categorized into what sort of people we can serve. Like the homelessness, disabled, elderly people who lived by themselves or have no one to support them, and families that are in desperate needs.

What is empathy?

Empathy is a ability that allows you to share and understand what a person's feeling is or what their situation is. It's like been in their shoes. For an example your friend is feeling sad because her pet died and you told her that your pet dog died 7 months ago. So its like sharing your own situation with that person and understand what they are going through.

Why is Community Service important for YOU now at this stage of your education?

Community Service is important for us now at this stage of our education because it connects us to people with different culture, background, and religion.

What skills can Community Service teach you that you can bring to the workplace?

Skills that we can bring to the workplace from community service are:

- Communication skills

- Confidence

- The feeling of happiness and proud of yourself in lending others your hands

- Get to meet lots of different and interesting people

- The skills to learn how to work with different people