Health Triangle

By Jose Gomez


1. what do you hope to accomplish during high school?

I hope to accomplish a number of things. I would like to graduate, of course, get a 4.0 GPA, getting college credits, participate in school organizations such as SkillsUSA.

2. What do you see yourself doing after high school? I see myself studying music, jazz, music engineering, and sound engineering.

3. What do you hope your lie will be like in your 20's? I hope my life is running smooth working and doing what I like to do do, which has to do with music.

4. 3 things you could do to improve your health? I need to eat better, start working out more, try to sleep more.

5. At home I like to play piano, play guitar, jam out to music, do my homework/work, and to play a few video games.

6. At school I like to hang out with friends, do my work on time, learn new interesting things, and I like to go to chemistry class.

7. People I like to hang out with. I like to hang out with people who know music, since I am a musician. I also like to hang out with people who understand and know what they are doing (smart people).

8. I am good at playing piano because I practice it as much as possible.

9. A quality I like about myself & that I like to change is procrastination.

10. Something new I'd like to try. I l'd like to try is conquering my fear of heights.

11. Add an image of the health triangle.

What do you feel like are positives and negatives on your health today. The positives are my social life and emotional, but my negatives are my physical. I need to exercise more than I do now.

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