By Corrina Asher

The cell theory has 3 "rules", if you will.

1. All organisms are composed of one or more cells.

2. The cell is the most basic unit of structure, function, and organization in all organisms.

3. All cells arise from pre-existing, living cells.

The cell theory is an important part of history.

Without the discovery of cells and the cell theory being written, technology would be so much more behind and we would have disease and most likely starvation. That's why this is such an important part of history In science.

The main creators of the cell theory:

The theory began with a thought:

When the theory began...

In 1839, the beginning thought was that cells were the basic unit of life, said by Theodor Schwann and Mathias Jakob Schleiden. The theory then evolved the first two rules we know of now. The third rule, also suggested by Schleiden, was "free cell formation" but no one agreed and the idea was declined in the 1850's. In 1855 Rudolf Virchow pitched the idea that all cells come from other living cells and thus concluded the cell theory.

Other scientists?

It's true that there were other scientists who contributed to the cell theory, but these were the people who actually developed the idea and therefor are remembered and rather more important than others.