How Do Planes Fly?

The science of flight


What are aerodynamics?

Aerodynamics is the way a solid object is able to move through wind or water.

Aerodynamics Of An Airplane

The wings are what use the aerodynamics for flight on the plane. They do this by being curved on the top which causes air to flow over them and not have much friction while on the bottom they are flat and more air hits the bottom pushing the plane up fighting gravity.
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What gets the air under the wings for flight?

The engines of the plane are essentially multiple tiny wings spinning pulling air through the jets which pulls the plane forward and causing air to flow over the larger wings.
How Do Airplanes Fly?

How Does The Plane Control In The Air?

Pitch, roll, and yaw are the three axis’s of controlling planes pitch is nose pointing up or down, roll is tilting left or right, and yaw is nose pointing left or right

Pitch is controlled by an elevator (the "flaps") on the back or trailing edge of the horizontal stabilizer in the tail section, roll is controlled by ailerons (also flaps) on the trailing edges of the wings near the tips, yaw is controlled by the rudder on the trailing edge of the vertical stabilizer in the tail section

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