My holiday Christmas

By:Tonya Stroschein

Preparing for Christmas

Probly a day or two before Christmas Eve my house is hectic. My mom and grandma the make all the food. And I like to help but it's fun going to my friends house before Christmas because then we can both talk about what we think we're getting for Christmas. Plus we like the food but it's fun because sometimes my neighbors come over to my house and then my whole family neighbors and kids. We all just have fun talking. Then after dinner we open presents. Thats a Preety special tradition for my family because sometimes we get like really cool things. And two years ago I go a puppy for Christmas. And that's how my family/community spends Christmas.
My family usually spends Christmas at my house but it's fun because our family traditions one of them is were we all sit at the table and talk about embarrassing memories about each other it's really funny. And another one of out traditions is