What's Happening

Week of November 5, 2018


Monday, November 5

Report cards and IEP progress monitoring due to me

9:00 Literacy Block

9:15 2nd grade Sails into PORT

11:15 5th grade Sails into PORT

1:00 Alt School Student meeting

1:30 Preschool visit

2:50 PLCs and PD

7:00 Music performance at Orpheum- Sioux City Schools Foundation

Tuesday, November 6

8:00 Preschool Team Meeting

8:45 Literacy Block

10:00 Cover Travis as he Sails to PORT

11:00 CT meeting

12-3:00 Instructional Rounds at Morningside

3:00 Parent Meeting

3:40 10 minute Stand Up meeting-BLT

5:30-6:30 PTO meeting

Wednesday, November 7

8:00 CARE Team/Tier 2

9:00 Cover Alicia's room as she Sails to PORT

10:00 Cover Larissa's room as she Sails to PORT

11:30 Go get lunch for GEM

3:00 Lockdown drill

4:00 All Admin meeting

7:00 PAC meeting

8:10 Volleyball game ??

Thursday, November 8

Report cards go home (Conditions of Learning letter goes home for grades 3-5)

8:00 Sped team meeting--Resource

8:45 Literacy Block

11:00 Literacy Block

3:00 4th grade Parent Visit for Sioux City History Projects

4:30 Beauty Shop time

Friday, November 9

8:00 Meet with Hunt's BLT

9:00 Literacy Block

12:30 IEP meeting

2:00 IEP meeting

Saturday, November 10

8-12 Morningside Education candidate interviews

Partners Observe, Reflect, and Teach (PORT)

Thank you

Thank you for scheduling your visits. I know that this has raised some inner rumblings for some of us. Honestly, while it is uncomfortable, the rumbling is a good thing. I tell folks all the time about the talent we have in our building and I am so glad that we have provided you the opportunity to go visit your grade level partners. Remember, that this is in no way, shape or form evaluative. It is a chance for you to grow as a teacher.

I taught for 13 years and always felt like some day I would reach the holy grail and know it all! At some point I would surely feel like I had arrived and knew with 100% certainty that what I was doing was right. It took me awhile to figure out that this is just not possible. Our students are changing so fast. The world is changing so fast. Yes, I know the nuts and bolts but the little nuances were the things that I was always looking for; be that a new strategy, another way to teach a proven strategy, a different way to use my teacher language, and so on. The same was true when I became an administrator 11 years ago. (Wow--that just doesn't seem possible!) Peer observation is a powerful tool. It can help us reflect on our own teaching, open our eyes to new ways to do things, solidify for us the things we know we do well, and maybe makes us set a new goal for something we know we need to change because it is not our strength.

I hope that you embrace the opportunity to grow, celebrate and learn!


November 5th--Report cards due to Dr. Holcomb so she can check them before they go home

November 6th--11-7 Soup and Pie lunch next door; 5:30 PTO meeting

November 7th--3:00 Lock Down drill

November 8th--Report Cards go home; 4th grade presentation for Sioux City History Projects

November 12th- 4/5 grade music program; starts at 6:30