Profiles of FACS Success

By: Linda Chen

Coco Chanel

Personal Background

Real name: Gabrielle Boheur Chanel

Birth: Aug, 19, 1883- Saumer, France

Death: Jan. 10, 1971- Paris, France

Famous for timeless designs, and trademark suits and little black dresses

Description of FACS career

She is a fashion designer, started out by selling hats and begin designing Chanel suit and little black dress, which made her fame. Her first clothing line success came along with a dress that she made out of from a jersey. Then, she began with perfume the Chanel No. 5 which also took on another level, being a massive source revenue. Unlike other designers that were famous back then Chanel's products are still placed in the top ranks of fashion today.

Training received and personal traits

Sewing for six years. Didn't really get any training, but men's clothing inspired her fashion designs. Her personal traits would be really passion in designing for women's clothing fashion. Got inspiration from WWI, where she presented as a nurse and with the men's clothing she was well inspired by it. With that after the war she came back and designed women's clothing fashion that was based off of men.

Secret to Success

With her passion of fashion of design and inspiration of World war I men's clothing gave her the success of a fashion designer. She is mostly inspired by clothing's of men and changing it to a version of women's fashion clothing. Like, jerseys, suits, etc. Designing and creating the skirt, and the first versions of women's suit.