Lotion Bars

by:Walton students

Why we are making the Lotion Bars.

We are making lotion bars because we are trying to raise money for our class and the school to get better equipment for playground and PE purposes.

What ingredients are used in making the lotion bars?

WARNING: If you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed below do not use this product.

!. coconut oil - 1/3 ounce

2. Beeswax - 2/3 ounce

3. Shea Nut Butter - 1/3 ounce

4. Peppermint Oil. Vanilla Extract. Lavender oil.

Interested in buying some of our lotion bars?

Each lotion bar is sold at the low price of 4$.

Number of Peppermint Bars : _________

Number of Lavender Bars: _________

Number of Vanilla Bars: _________

Number of Non-Scented Bars: _________

Total Amount of Bars Wanted: _________ x 4 = __________ $