Johannes Brahms

Alexia Peters

The Brahms family

Er ist am 7. Mai geboren 1833

Er is am 3. April gestorben 1897

Geburthaus im Hamburg, Deutchland

Der Friedof im Vienna, Osterreich

Brahms Mutter ist Christina Nisse Brahms.

Und sein Vater ist Johann Jakob.

WERK- Komponist, Pianist, und conductor. Sein altersgenosse name ist Franz Liszt.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS- Significant composer, made great romamtic pieces. Also, he was a coductor for an all ladies choir. One of his songs that he wrote was,"Marienlieder." And," My Beloved," from his section of, "Neue Liebeslieder" (new love songs). Also, he conducted a male choir as well.

INTERSTING FACTS- He was buried by Beethoven and Schubert.