St. Paul Bulletin

St. Paul School - Kevin Brever, Principal - April 12, 2013

Inspirational Quote

“One must be convinced to convince, to have enthusiasm to stimulate the others.”

- Stefan Zweig


4-23-13 - Grades K-3 (2) - 8:15

424-13 - Grade 4-6 (5) - 8:15

4-25-13 - Grades 7-8 (7) - 8:15

4-26-13 - All School Mass (6) - 8:15

Please attend the Mass of your choice Saturday or Sunday

Important Dates


22 - Monday - - Parish Council Meeting - 7:00 PM

23 - Tuesday - - Market Day Pick up - 6:00 PM

24 - Wednesday - - 8th grade - - Health Fair

25 - Thursday - - 8th Grade Class Trip

26 - Friday - - Bingo - 7:30 PM

30 - Tuesday - - Mid 3rd Trimester Reports

Coming Soon - Technology Plan Update Committee Forming**

Ten Hundred Club March 2013 Winner

Congratulations to Allen Weihe, winner of the March 2013 drawing of the Ten Hundred Club.

News from the Classroom


8th grade will be hosting a Health Fair on Wednesday April 24th. 8th grade has been working on informational booths about healthy practices. The school children will be able to tour the booths and learn important health information after their lunches that day.

Classes have been learning and practicing aim and control using a frisbee and ball. We have also been practicing control with kicking and soccer skills.


April is National Poetry Month! We have been talking about poetry and where to find it in the Dewey Decimal System. We have been focusing on making our AR goals since there are only a few more weeks in our school year!


Pre-K has been studying about bugs this week. We made a mini bug book in class and a butterfly in art. We also learned the last letter of our alphabet, U, and will be making an umbrella out of the letter U for our alphabet book. Next week we will begin practicing for our end of the year program.

4th Grade

Fourth Grade has new visitors in the classroom! We just received our class pet caterpillars that will emerge into beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies. Throughout the next 2 weeks, we will Watch 'em Grow, Then Let 'em Go!

5th Grade

The Fifth grade started a new unit in Science this week. It is called Smart Art: Body Systems. We will be making a book with the Six Different Body Systems.

Language Arts

The 8th grade has been working on finishing their short stories. Now they are finalizing the design of the book of short stories that St. Paul is going to publish online at A few 7th grade stories will also be chosen to be included in the collection. The students have written and edited their stories, chosen the title of the book, written author's notes, and are currently painting the cover. The book will be available for purchase around the end of the year. The proceeds will go back to St. Paul.

"The Raider Report"

St. Paul News April 8, 2013


6th Grade:

The 6th graders created their own travel agencies. Instead of selling vacation destinations, they are selling vacations in time. They have constructed multi-media presentations in which they pitch a vacation package to a specific era in time (Triassic, Jurassic, Mesozoic, etc...).

Ideas for vacation activities have been dinosaur riding, Pterodactyl gliding, a dinosaur circus, volcano diving, and ancient forest zip lining.

Triassic Journey Video Project

Trassic Journey

Family Media Agreements

Parents and kids making a commitment

The Family Media Agreement is a checklist that parents can use to guide conversations with their kids about media use. It’s designed to help parents establish guidelines and expectations around media use and behavior that are right for their family. Some families are comfortable using it as a signed agreement. Others prefer to use it simply as a checklist to guide conversations. Either way, it’s a great way to help parents and kids get on the same page about media and technology use.

Educators distribute the agreement to students to take home to their parents or use it as a handout at a parent education event. Some schools also use it as a complement to their technology or acceptable-use policy as a way to clarify what responsible media use looks like day-to-day, decision-to-decision.

Download the Family Media Agreement

For elementary school (English | Spanish)
For middle school (English | Spanish)
For high school (English | Spanish)

- -

** Technology Committee Forming to Create Our New Fall 2013-Spring 2016 Plan

It is time to update our school Technology Plan. Our plan for Fall 2010-Spring 2013 set several goals to help us meet National Standards. We are happy to report that we achieved almost all of those goals, including:
  • Establishing a 1:1 Computing environment in the Middle School grades. Each student in grades 6-8 has a laptop computer that they use on a daily basis in school and at home.
  • Providing laptops for the teachers to help them prepare new lessons and curriculum that include 21st Century learning skills and the Common Core Standards.
  • Updating our computer lab with new computers.
  • Updating our infrastructure with wireless access points.
  • Updating our SuccessMaker Lab with newer computers.
  • Putting one or two computers in each classroom.

In order to create the new plan, we are forming a new Technology Committee to help establish new goals and strategies to meet those goals.

Your help is needed! A good technology committee should include:

  • 1 Superintendent or other central office administrator or Principal;
  • 1 Technology coordinator, computer teacher, or other technology professional;
  • 1 Library media specialist;
  • 3 Teachers, representing different grades and content areas;
  • 2 Students;
  • 1 Board member and/or school committee member;
  • 1 Support staff;
  • 3 Parents;
  • 1 Community, town official;
  • 1 Business expert (district or community);
  • 1 Local business representatives (hardware, software, training, other).

We will set regularly-scheduled meetings, but stagger the meeting times to help meet everyone’s different workloads. A timeline of meeting topics and tasks might unfold like this:

    • First meeting – meet, lay groundwork, begin work on vision and mission,
    • Second meeting – assess current technology, conduct needs assessment, analyze data and make recommendations,
    • Third meeting – establish goals and objectives,
    • Fourth meeting – develop technology action plans,
    • Fifth meeting – plan implementation schedule and evaluation methods,
    • Sixth meeting – secure funding options, submit final draft for internal review,
    • Seventh meeting – finalize the plan and get approved by local school board,
    • Final meeting – submit plan for state approval.

If you are interested in participating in this planning committee, please contact Mr. Brever ( or Mr. Dooley (