Mexico trip


Hi, Tim here, this was my spring break adventure. So my mom and I went to Mexico for 5 days to have some fun and hang out, mother-son time. When we first got to Mexico, we saw beutiful birds, forests, animals, and people everywhere. Once we got off the car we were told that we were going to have to use pesos instead of dollars. So we traded 100 dollars for 1500 pesos, We were rich! I first bought a jewled frog necklace for a friend of mine and a seehorse that was also jewled for my nephew and a crab for my sister.


When we got to our room, it was amazing! A very nice couch, two beds, clean kitchen, and a beutiful view of the ocean, we were able to get our house next to the Pacific!!! I walked to the backyard and saw a huge pool for us to use and birds everywhere, all exotic birds, I love the way they all sing together... then we were able to walk down to the beach which is two blocks away from our home, and when we got there we saw pelicans kamikaze the ocean for fish they could find. It was hilarious watching them dive into the water and zoom up.


When I walked out on our balcony, I saw amazing rainforest for as far as the eye can see. There were birds flying everywhere, Macaw's, Blue birds, and other facinating birds. I also saw a monkey here and there in the trees screaming at each other. And I took picture of everything I could, I got a couple of exotic birds I saw and a video of the pelicans getting fish. I wish i can go back very soon, I cant wait to see it again.