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Weekly Update -April 27,2015


Please remind your students to bring in their headphones this week. I am going to have them keep them at school until after the MAP test.

Week In Review

We finished Topic 16 in Math, working on angles, lines, measuring, using protractors and learning about polygons and took our Topic 16 test on Friday, as well as the Performance task. We did a lot of morning work that had to do with angles, polygons, classifying and sorting.

We started our Health Unit this week, but it seems that these couple of days were a review of what your students have learned in the past. Hopefully, they were able to learn a little more from the cooperative learning activities that we did with the Body systems.

We came to the end of our City of Ember book and took a little quiz. It will be coming home this next week. We started our next read aloud, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, mostly talking about details in the text and comparing that with illustrations. Students have for so long learned inference, that this new task of pulling out specific details has been challenging.

We started our Poetry unit this week. I have quite a few books out that they can read and enjoy some poetry and I hope they will. I have had quite a few students bring in books of poetry, and during down time, I have seen quite a few students reading poetry. It makes my heart sing. I hope by the end of the unit, they will love poetry! Our writing piece for this Unit is a poem, and some students have already written one or more poems!

All small reading groups came to an end this week. We did not start new books yet.

Weekly Calendar

Monday, April 27th
Don't forget to study some spelling words.

Tuesday, April 28th
Math Topic 14-1 Homework Due
Health Goal Sheet is Due
Don't forget to study some spelling words

Wednesday, April 29th
7:55 am Razzamatazz
2:00 Library
Math Topic 14-2 Homework Due

Thursday, April 30th
8:00 Explorations Club
Math Topic 14-3 Homework Due
2:00 2nd Grade Musical

Friday,May 1st

Math Topic 14-4 Homework Due
Spelling Worksheet Due
Spelling Test

Schedule Changes due to MAP testing
April 27 & 28th
Specials: 10:15-11:15
Same recess and lunch

May 5th & 6th
Fourth Grade MAP testing
Recess: 1:05-1:25
Lunch: 1:30-1:55

Week 32

Math: We will start Topic 14 this week. Both Topics 14 & 15 are on measurements. I am pretty sure I will only be able to finish Topic 14 before the end of the school year, but we shall see how it goes.

Units of Study
We will continue with poetry this week. We will talk and be able to recognize figurative language (similes and metaphors and they will try to use figurative language in their own pieces. We will analyze the structure of poems and understand line breaks and verses. We will also learn how to find a theme of a poem. In addition, we will be talking about rhythm and syllables and how that contributes to the meter. We will also work on summarizing the theme of a poem.

In Health, we will complete a Health Goal sheet. We will also talk about diet and eating healthy and what constitutes eating healthy. We will be monitoring our fruits and vegetables intake and discuss the idea of balance in our diets.

Small Reading groups :
Since finishing with the small reading groups last week, we will be working in small groups, but we will all be reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. In addition, I will be pulling special groups and work on specific goals that I see they might need. We will also be utilizing smaller texts in order to bolster our reading levels.

Spelling Week 32

Root words - cred (to believe), flex/flect (to bend)

DOJO Store

As we have done all year, we will have the DOJO store during the last week. I would appreciate any donations to the store. Thanks in advance.

Study Island

We will start working more with Study Island this quarter. This is another reason why I would like to request students have their devices if possible. I will be sending the log on papers home this week. Study Island is a great online tool that helps students learn and review material that they should have learned in their career so far at Castlio. It also helps them prepare for the State Standardized test, by asking questions in a way that will be similar to the test.
The generic log on for Study Island is as follows. For the username use the initial of your first name, followed by your last name, followed by @castlio (example: Tlongmore@castlio)
The password is your student's ID number (lunch number) (123456).
I have assigned a Comm Arts practice to the class if they would like to dabble in this at home. There is a Math practice attached too, but it is referring to Topic 10, so we should probably wait for it.

Log Ins

Big shout out to Austin, for preparing a sheet with all the logons, with examples for the students. He did this on google docs and then shared the document with me. I have in turn shared it with all of your students through their google drive account. Thank you Austin!
username: first initial followed by last name @castlio (example: tlongmore@castlio), if this does not work, I added a 1 after the students name (example: tlongmore1@castlio)
password: school id followed by "ca" (example: 123456ca)

One Drive
password: 4thGrade!
For the password, you must use the capital and lowercase letters and the exclamation point.

Voice Threads
The link has to go to the FHSD subscription, so here is the link
email: the students ID number (123456)
password: francis

You can click on this link and go directly to my site:
Then select your student's name and their password is 1234. In the future, I will get parent codes in the system, but as of right now, I do not have them.

Study Island
For the username use the initial of your first name, followed by your last name, followed by @castlio (example: Tlongmore@castlio)
The password is your student's ID number (lunch number) (123456).

Discovery Education
first initial, last name @castlio (example: tlongmore@castlio)
password: 12345
first initial, last name and last 3 digits of the student (example:
Password: fh123456 (fh followed by the students id or lunch number)
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