Computer components

By Maddie lenny

The computer hard drive

THE computer hard drive or disk drive (otherwise known as HD or HDD) is the main media storage device, which is basically where you store most of your computers infomation.

The computer monitor

THE computer monitor is better known as the screen, the area where the video is displayed. (they can also be called VDT or VDU) The monitor is actully the most expensive part of the computer.

the cpu

The job of the CPU is to handleall the instuctiond the hardward or software gives it, so basically the brains of the computer. Without it you would'nt be able to surf the internet!


The RAM, or random access memory, is where the chips inside store important memory that improve your computers reactioon and basically how well it works.


The ROM is also called the read only memory. This is used to store all your media, this is a key part to your computer at home.


The motherboard is very simply the circiut board, one of the main parts of a computer. This is where all the wires and leads connect upto. The mother board also holds the CPU (SEE ABOVE).


THE input device is vital in a computer. without it the computer would be just a TV, it would show the image but it would be impossible to interact with the computer, and prevent you from typing and clicking.


THE output is when something exits a computer system, like when you send a text, the message goes from your phone to your friends.


THE touch screen has two sheets, they are booth coated in electrically resistive coating.There is a gap between the two sheets. When you apply pressure to the top sheet of the display screen,it bends back to the second sheet.When the two sheets touch a circuit is completed.