Salt Water Taffy

Since 1885

History & Background , Etc .

Joseph Fralinger popularized the candy by boxing it and selling it in Atlantic City . Salt water Taffy originally produced and marketed in the Atlantic city , New Jersey area starting in the 1800's . On August 21, 1923 , John Edmiston obtained a trademark for the name " Salt water taffy".
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Price - Budget !

Each year we manufacture over 600,000 lbs. of saltwater taffy . In 1943 , Salt Water Taffy sold for $.35 a pound or you could get a deal of 3 lbs. for a $1.00. Today, Salt Water Taffy is $8.99 a pound.

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Salt Water Taffy has a creamy, delicious, and delightfully tasty flavor. This seaside favorite is an exceptional treat for any occasion. They are soft, sweet and chewy with an array of flavor!

Originally a fisher merchant, Joseph Fralinger became one of the country’s top confectioners in 1885. As a way to make his “superior quality long kind” Salt Water Taffies even more attractive to beachgoers, Fralinger packed them in an easy to carry box- an oyster box as a matter of fact. The idea caught on quickly, and so was born one of the world’s first seaside souvenirs. Thanks to his “invention,” Salt Water Taffy became world famous in the 1880’s, and boxes of these delicious confections remain popular keepsakes from visits to many seaside towns.

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