Misusing Media

How the awful truth is spread

How it works

Media is a way for reporters to “get the scoop” on upcoming or current events to show the world and keep us informed on the now! However, throughout the years there has been a tragic misuse in the information gathered from articles and other sources. Information may be simple and harmless but at the hands of an experienced journalist or editor, it can be a show of chaos and terror worldwide. Media literate people can understand the information given and can have a sense of knowledge knowing that that news is just words on paper while there are other things going on out there that aren’t so tragic. People don’t want to hear about your dog that won the fluffiest pet alive award, they want to know about isis and their threats against the world, and death, and destruction from human to human. People love to hear bad news. Of course there will always be a few happy-go-lucky articles that are completely irrelevant to the discords of society, but like any needle in a stack of hay, all you have to do is look for it. Editors make these happy articles to buffer between the awfulness that is our own kind causing havoc upon itself. These editors make it their job to be as media literate as possible to analyze what they have read and turn it into something totally different but still the same. It’s much like baking a cake but using salt instead of sugar, as in you have the same thing but it isn’t nice to take a bite into. Basically media is a form of spreading any information that the public is inclined to believe will being media literate is the ability to take information, evaluate it, edit it, re-analyze it and then describe it in different ways to inform different people on events and news.