Eminem Obsession

My history with Eminem: Why he is my #1 inspiration.


When I was about 2 or 3 years old, my older brother, Isaac, decided to show me a song. He told me the artist's name was Eminem, and that he was really fast. The song's name was "Cleaning Out My Closet". He said it was really good. A part of me doubted it, but another part of me really wanted to listen to it, telling me this would, in fact, be good. I usually disliked my brother's music. He had a bad taste, in my opinion. I really wanted him to just shut up and get it over with. I was actually kind of curious to what the song was like.

Once he finally played it, my ears had gotten sharper. Little kids are always curious of the world unknown, and I was expecting something. At first, I was stunned. I wasn't expecting him to be so fast, and I wasn't used to speed-talking. But after a while, I got used to it. I actually liked it, and understood most words, since I couldn't catch all of them yet. This song, somehow, made me a little happier than usual. I remember my lips stretching a little from side to side, making my lips part, and revealing my baby teeth.


Something that has always stuck out to me about Eminem is his voice. I've always liked how he makes it stick out, strong and sharp. I feel like he has the perfect voice for what he does. The lyrics he puts together fit so well with his tone. He can sound mean and evil, or he can sound sweet and calm. Either way, just hearing his voice makes my day.


I feel like I can really connect to Eminem’s life bacuse of his insiprational lyrics. They always seem to fit me, and what my problems are. His words, his speech, they all inspire me to stay strong, and I do, as long as I have Eminem. What inspires me the most is, “This depression ain’t taking me hostage” from his song, “You’re Never Over", dedicated to his best friend, Proof, who he lost in a shooting. I feel like I can get through my best friend dying, because he did it. When I listen to him, I feel more alive.

Present Day

In the past few months, Eminem has been getting worse. I notice this, and so do most other people. But most other people start dissing him, and saying, “Oh, he sucks, I like his old stuff better…” Even though he needs a little more improvement now a days, I feel like Eminem will always be the king of rap. Nobody could ever beat him, and that’s been proven. He is the king. And either way, his new songs inspire me, as well. Some people say they all sound the same, but I’m a Stan, and I see, hear, and feel the difference. Eminem has taught me more than I thought anybody ever could. He is my amzaing idol, and I will forever love Eminem.