Frederick Douglass

Mario Sanchez

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Frederick Douglass's influence on our country

Frederick was a major factor to this country. Frederick was a prominent american abolitionist, author and orator. Born a slave, Douglass escaped at age 20 and went on to become a world-renowned anti-slavery activist. He was the leader of many abolitionists. he worked with Lincoln because he also wanted to free the slaves in the south. One thing that had a huge impact on everyone was Douglass's autobiographies describing his experiences kin slavery and his life after the civil war.

Fredericks Education

Frederick learned how to read and write from his slave owners wife named Sophia Auld. She said that she had never owned a slave before and seemed untouched by the evils of slavery. When Douglass first came to live with mrs. Auld she teaches him the alphabet and small words. When Hugh Auld (her husband) realizes that she had been teaching Douglass how to read and write he orders her to stop immediately. He said that education ruins slaves. Luckily for Douglass he knew enough to teach enslaved slaves to read and write and that's how he began to write his autobiographies.
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Important Life Events

on September 3 , 1838, Frederick undertook the riskiest journey of his life. It was at the age of 20 that Douglass made his daring escape from his master in Baltimore. when he was newly freedom he became Frederick Douglass. After Douglass escaped he moved to New York and married a Free African american women named Anna Murray Douglass that lived to be 69, but Frederick lived to be 77. But who could ever forget that Frederick Douglass was the first African american to be nominated for vice president at the equal rights party convention. Douglass had many important events in his life but I believe Freedom was the most important one.

Contributions to change

Frederick Douglass contributed in many regional and national suffrage organizations by touring Europe while lecturing about anti-slavery, convicting Lincoln to allow African Americans to serve in military during the civil war and preaching about women rights all over the country. Without his contributions, many in Americas history might not turned out the same.


Frederick was one of the greatest abolitionist that he was the leader of all the abolitionists. one of his greatest accomplishments was escaping slavery. Douglass served as a adviser for president Lincoln.

The first narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass was published in 1845. He was known as the father of the civil rights moment. Because of all the great narratives he wrote.