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A Peek at our Week

Election Day at Pond Cove

All students at Pond Cove participated in a mock election this past Tuesday to cast their votes for Maine's governor. As a class we talked about what it means to vote and then students got to mark their own ballots and place their ballots in the ballot box. At the end of the day, Mrs. Hasson announced that Mike Michaud had won the majority of the votes. We had a great time participating in our school wide vote!

Weekly Literacy Focus

This week our class focused on learning a new sight word, "am." Just like our other high-frequency words, we practiced reading and writing this word throughout the week in a variety of different ways. This sight word is also one that we will use to make other rhyming words (ham, jam, ram).

Our literacy groups have also been working hard to practice our letter sounds. This week we focused on the letters D and G and the sounds they make at the beginning of dog and game. Some groups focused on these sounds at the beginning of words, while other students worked to hear these sounds at the end of words.

Science: Wood and Paper

Our Kindergarten scientists got to work this week on a new science unit: investigating wood and paper. To begin, we brainstormed a list of things we already knew about wood. Then, we got to explore wood samples using magnifying glasses to see what characteristics we noticed about wood. We studied three different types of wood: basswood, pine, and redwood. We compared the characteristics of each sample, noting how they felt, looked, sounded, and even smelled! In the upcoming weeks our young scientists will conduct several experiments with our wood samples.

Friendly Reminders

Allied Arts for Week of November 10

Monday - Art

Tuesday - NO SCHOOL

Wednesday - Computers

Thursday - Mrs. Potter

Friday - Gym


With colder weather on the way, please be sure that your child has a warm coat for our outside recess times. A hat and gloves/mittens may also be helpful. I will certainly do my best to make sure that all of our winter accessories find their way back home to you, but it would also be helpful if hats/coats/mittens were labeled with your child's name. Thanks!

Important Dates:

November 11 - NO SCHOOL Veteran's Day

November 13 - Mrs. Hessert will be at a professional development meeting in the afternoon only. Please be sure to call the office if you have any last minute changes in dismissal, as I will have limited access to my email after lunchtime.

Contact Information

I hope that these newsletters will give you some great discussion starters to use with your child at home. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time!