Welcome to the LREI Library



We can't wait to get underway for the 2013-2014 school year! This year we have lots of exciting plans including - sharing new books, learning how to use reference materials, working with edmodo, getting the right book into the hands of the students at the right time, book reviews of all sorts, hanging out with Melvil Dewey....and that's just for a start!

Your friendly librarians!

Who we are!

The 6th Avenue campus library is staffed by three MLS librarians. Jennifer Hubert Swan is the middle school librarian, Stacy Dillon is the lower school librarian (grades 1-4), and Jesse Karp is the early childhood librarian (4s and Ks). You can ask any of us for help no matter what grade. We all read plenty of books on all levels, and can help with any divisional questions.