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Castleberry Elementary School

Welcome to the CE Roaring News

Hello, my name is Ricardo Montalvo and I have the honor of serving your children as the Castleberry Elementary School Principal. What a great year it has been! The CE students and staff are simply the best! We wanted to share "The CE Roaring News" with you to show you all of the wonderful things your students and teachers are doing, here at CE!
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The Castleberry Elementary School Principles of Great Service, are actions you can expect to see from our teachers, staff, and administration.

Principles of Great Service:

1. You will be warmly greeted in every area of our campus.

2. We will connect you with school news through various forms of social media.

3. All phone calls and emails will be returned within 2 business days.

4. Our building and social media will reflect student success and achievement.

5. We will use our growth mindset to teach your child to be a 21st century learner.

6. Your child(ren) will be loved and cared for every day.

Growth Mindset

We are building a Growth Mindset within our students! What is a growth mindset? A Growth mindset is believing that your abilities can be developed and you can learn anything. Check out the video below for information.
The Growth Mindset

Try these growth mindset statements at home with your child

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CE Teachers are Blogging!

Be sure to check out some of the amazing Castleberry Elementary School Teacher Blogs. Teachers are sharing student successes, flipped classroom lessons, and school information through blogs. We would love for you to follow the blogs by clicking here! The image below shows the educational benefits for teachers and students to blog.
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UIL and Clubs are meeting this semester. Is your child connected? Be sure to encourage them to sign up and get involved next semester!
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