Monday Memo

May 9, 2016

From Your Assistant Principal

I hope you had a wonderful week last week. It was so nice to see you being appreciated by everyone- especially the students. The one thing I always enjoyed about elementary school is how much the kids love their teachers. You deserve all of the thanks in the world!

If you have not already done so, please be sure to send home progress alerts if necessary. Remember to be working on your Placement Cards. Holly will schedule team meetings the week of May 16th to assist you with grouping the cards- remember to pre-sort them prior to your meeting.

Placement Committee meetings will be held the week of May 23rd and May 30th. A sample form will be placed in your mailboxes as well as a form for each child in your class that we need to discuss. Further details will come in an email.

Please click on this link to take an Inventory Survey for Mr. Weaver

Finally, its not too late to join the Twitter Challenge. For more information, see below and follow me @MrsCervone_AP to connect.

Have a great week- make it an awesome one.

From Your Counselors

    Problem Solving

        Problems are and will be a part of everyday life now and in the future so it’s important for children to learn the framework and skills to handle problems. Often children turn to adults to "fix" their problems or they get mad or frustrated with the situation. Our goal at everlasting teachers is to TEACH the steps and provide a wide variety of strategies so children themselves can take responsibility for solving or managing the problems that arise. Please allow students the opportunity to work through problems to a manageable solution together and not always US doing the solving for them.

        Important Dates

        5/10 1st grade to Texas Roadhouse

        5/16 Stacy out all day Area 3 meeting

        5/18 2nd Grade to MOSI

        5/25 Stacy out all day - AP meeting

        5/30 No school :)

        5/31 EELP graduation LC

        6/1 PreK Graduation LC

        6/2 Field day K-2

        6/3 Field Day 3-5

        6/8 5th grade banquet

        6/9 5th grade kickball game

        6/10 Last day of school for the students!

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