Most Wanted Virus, Anchondo

Scientific Name: Cytomegalovirus


Can be found mostly in pregnant woman or people with weakened immune systems around the world

Moe of infection:It can be passed on through fluids like blood and saliva. It can also be sexually transmitted.

Symptoms: Babies who get it through their mother sometimes don't show until months or years after. Signs that show it are hearing loss or vision impairment. Babies who show symptoms after birth can have yellow skin and eyes, purple splotches on the face and around the body, small size or unusually low weight, enlarged spleen, enlarged and poorly malfunctioning liver, or seizures. Grown people with a weakened immune system who have it can show diarrhea, fever, pneumonia, etc.

CMV is found in 4% of all women in america.

This disease can not be treated and there is no vaccine.

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