Counselor Connections

Community Resources and Notes from the School Counselor

EES Guidance Department and Limestone County Community Resources

Welcome to Elkmont Elementary's Guidance and School Counseling Program! Here at Elkmont Elementary we pride ourselves on working hard everyday to provide the best education for your children in a loving, supportive, academically challenging, and responsibility-driven environment. An important part of this educational process is the various services provided by the Elkmont Elementary Guidance Department. I am April Hamlin, the School Counselor for EES, and am aided by the most awesome Counselor Assistant in the world, Ms. Amy Locke, and of course, the peerless (and tireless!) Ms. Haley James, our amazing Principal. We work together with the teachers and staff at Elkmont Elementary to enable your child to have the best day ever at school, each and every day.

For the 2017-2018 school year, I have been in each of our 20 homerooms, Pre-K through 5th grade, to deliver my core guidance curriculum. So far, we have used classroom guidance time to get to know each other and to discuss rules and expected behavior at home and at school, and how these rules give us boundaries in which to learn and remain safe. I will continue to go into each grade level homeroom approximately once a month for continued classroom guidance lessons.

Additionally, I have been running small groups with students in my office, as well as talking to students one-on-one. Below I have copied some "official" definitions of the job of the school counselor, but please just know I am only one email or phone call away. I am here to help you with your child and your child's education. As I say as often as I can, both of my own children are products of Elkmont Elementary, and I wouldn't trade the education, support and love my children received from this school for anything!


Every person in education wears a lot of hats! As Professional School Counselors, we use the American School Counseling Association Model as our guideline to provide direct and indirect student services. These are broken down more specifically below:

Direct student services including:

* school counseling core curriculum

* instruction – direct instruction,

team teaching, developing learning


* group activities – planned activities

outside the classroom promoting

academic, career or social/emotional


* individual student planning

* appraisal – assist students in

evaluating interests abilities, skills

and achievement

* advisement – assist students in goal

setting based on academic, career

and social/emotional data

* responsive services

* counseling – in individual or small group


*provide planned, short-term and

goal-focused activities.

(School counselors do not provide therapy

or long-term counseling in schools.

However, school counselors are

prepared to recognize and respond

to student mental health needs

and to assist students and families

seeking resources)

* crisis response – provide support

and assistance to students and

families as they navigate crisis and

emergency situations

Indirect student services including:

* consultation – share strategies

supporting student achievement with

parents, teachers, other educators and

community organizations

* collaboration – work with other

educators, parents and the community

to support student achievement

* referrals – support for students and

families to school or community

resources for additional assistance and



LCCI (Limestone County Churches Involved)

(256) 262-0671

201 N Jefferson St., Athens AL 35611

United Way

(256) 233-2323

419 S Marion St., Athens, AL 35611

Salvation Army Thrift Store

(256) 353-2822

699 Hobbs St. E., Athens, AL 35611

Women's Resource Center

(256) 233-5775

206 S. Madison St., Athens, AL 35611

Medicaid Eligibility Hotline

(256) 584-4100


(256) 232-5017

405 S. Marion St., Athens, AL 35611

Health Department

(256) 232-3200

20371 Mabry Dr., Athens, AL 35611

Habitat for Humanity

(256) 444-1050

17505 U.S. HWY 72, Athens, AL 35611

Athens-Limestone Counseling Center

(256) 232-3661

1307 East Elm St., Athens, AL 35620

Limestone County Sheriff's Department

(256) 232-0111

101 West Elm St., Athens, AL 35611

Department of Human Resources

(256) 216-6380

200 Hobbs St., Athens, AL 35611

Athens-Limestone Hospital

(256) 233-9292

700 Market St, W., Athens, AL 35611

Athens Housing Authority


700 5th Avenue, Athens, AL 35611

American Red Cross


1300 Armory Street, Athens, AL 35611

Sarrell Dental Center


310 West Elm Street, Athens, AL 35611

Boys and Girls Club

(256) 232-5545, 119 S. Marion Street, Athens, AL 35611

(256) 423-8570, 29865 Park Avenue, Ardmore, TN 38449

Kids and Kin


The Haven - 810 N. Malone St., Athens, AL, 35611