Ancient China : The Mongol Empire

By: Karrisa Parks :)

Introduction to the Mongols

Have you ever heard of the mongols and thought they were bad? Well something terrible happened to them and they wanted revenge. This is their story.

The Rising Invasion

The Mongols lived in separate tribes in the plains of northern China for centuries, but a man full of hate and anger for the killing of his father and the stealing of the Khan name. For this act of cruelty he formed his own tribe and by marrying Borte he formed an alliance with her tribe. He attacked and became the leader of the Mongols by joining them together they then named him "Universal Ruler" or Genghis Khan.


Genghis Khan~He was the founder of the mongols and ruled from 1206 to 1227. Born in 1162 he lived with his family until his father was poisoned and his family was be trade by a soldier who stole the family name. Soon after he conquered China and became a supreme ruler. He died in 1227 nobody really knows why he died but people think he took a fall to his horse.

Kublai Khan~ Grandson of Genghis khan and ruled from 1260 to 1294 he was born in 1215 as the son of Tolyi and founded the youn dynasty and made peace with the song dynasty. He died in 1294 because he was over weight and had been sick for years.

Overall the mongols were not that bad they managed to conquer all of china and became the first foreign rulers of all china and Genghis Khan earned the khan name back plus new titles but knowing all this information about the mongols makes you wonder how many descendants live today and... will they strike back like their elders?!
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