North Shore Oahu,Hawaii

By: Mariah Ordaz

What are Tides?

Tides are large waves caused by the gravitational pull by the moon and sun. They are waves that move through the ocean in response to the forces that apply by the moon and sun. Tides originate in the oceans and progress toward the coastlines where they appear as the regular rise and fall of the sea surface.

I chose North Shore Oahu, Hawaii

Why i chose it

i plan on having my surf competition Wednesday 22,1014 when the tides will be around

fifteen to twenty-five feet (or more). The low tide at 12:23 will be 0.02 feet. The High tide at 6:32 will be 1.06 feet.


Wind during the day

9 am WNW 10 mph NW 19.8 ft @ 19 sec

12 pm NNW 8 mph NW 18.3 ft @ 18 sec

3 pm NNW 10 mph NW 17.3 ft @ 18 sec

6 pm NNW 10 mph NW 17.9 ft @ 17 sec

Moon phase

During this time the moon phase would be waning gibbous.