The Washing Machine!

By: Vivianny Cabrera


Have you ever thought what life would be without a Washing Machine Well,if you haven't then here you go. If you didn't have a washing machine then you would have to wash all of your clothes by hand, and you would have to stay home because that takes a long time. After, you finish the washing then you would have to "iron" the clothes, because after washing the clothes by hand the clothes were very wrinkled. That's what you would have to do if we didn't have the washing machine we have now.


* early washing machines were a wooden box ( invented in 1760)

* also a scrub board (invented in 1797)

* before the 1800's not many people have seen a washing machine or used one!

* another century later not many people had one in their house

* before washing clothes would take a long time

Who Invented the first "powered" Washing Machine and Why?

* William Blackston invented the 1st powered Washing Machine

* this was with pulling gears and pegs to push the clothes

*This was for his wife as a B- Day gift

Who invented the first electric Washing Machine ?

* Invented by Alva J. Fisher

* called the Thor

* manufactured by Hurley Machine Company ( in 1908)

Pros And Cons

Fun Facts

*Average family does 8-10 loads each week.

* Washing machines from the front wash better than the ones from the top.

* average load = 16 different items, would take an hour and half to wash/dry.

* One nickname for a washing machine is Oprah Spinfrey.

* 90% of women do laundry.

Thanks for seeing my STEM project!!