Steege Scoop May 2016

Ms. Steege's Fourth Grade Class Newsletter

What have we been up to?

Hello all!

Wow, the end of the year is fast approaching, isn't it? We have been STILL trying our best at school and have been learning new things each and every day!

In math, we finished chapter 16 which was all about measurement! In my math class, we were able to do some activities that allowed us to find the mass of objects in our classroom, measured temperature, and we even distinguished the difference between customary and metric units when measuring. Now, we are moving on to chapter 20 which is all about probability! Playing board games at home teaches us about this, as well as our math game station.

In reading, we are chugging along in our second language arts book. We have been circling back to strategies we learned at the beginning of the year. I told the kids, "That is the beauty of language arts. You are never done with a topic, it always keeps coming back and each time, you get better and better at the strategy!" Anyways, today we used our new knowledge of the app called "Shadow Puppet EDU" to make a video about a story in our language arts textbook called "It's Only Natural." Head over to seesaw to watch your son or daughter's video!

This coming week we will circle back to do some activities in social studies. We will also keep preparing for our big map test on May 27!

We will begin to make our end of the year memory books next week. It will likely take us at least two weeks to get this finished.

In writing, we have been working on writing a proper thank you note. Ask your child who they are writing their thank you note to and why!

We finished PS testing. If you didn't know, there were A LOT of technical issues with the test. We were resilient and kept trying, even when our screen froze! We decided to just do reading PS testing, instead of both math and reading.

Our genius hour projects are well underway! I am so excited to see all of them present on June 3. Thank you for your encouragement on these projects and getting your child any supplies they may have needed! We will have two more times to work on this- May 26 and June 1.

Our pizza party today was a success and we are all looking forward to the field trip tomorrow! Thank you to all the chaperones that are willing to help us out. It will be a fun time! All your child needs to bring is themself and their lunch! :)

Genius Hour Presentation

Friday, June 3rd, 1pm

1111 7th Ave NW

Buffalo, MN

Memorial Day- No School

Monday, May 30th, 8:30am

1111 7th Ave NW

Buffalo, MN

Track and Field Day

Tuesday, June 7th, 12:45pm

1111 7th Ave NW

Buffalo, MN