Pradeep Andrews

Master Bartender

Proud to have a Mentor - Pradeep Andrews.

Pradeep Andrews, mixologist - a master at his craft.

Our "Bar-tending" workshop mentor Pradeep Andrews, has worked as a bartender with various hotel chains and liquor labels. He believes that he has a passion for the mixes and says, "I love to teach people how to get other people drunk".

Pradeep is a freelance bartender and runs Bangalore's Bar-tending school called Shaken N Stirred. He has been invited as chief guest and judge at various hospitality colleges and institutes for bar-tending workshops at regional and national level events.

Pradeep Andrews is a name familiar to people in the party circuit and with the way the industry is growing, he sees a lot of demand for bartenders.

An industry expert, a mentor we are proud to have.