The Age of Exploration News

Editor: Aisling O'Malley, Photographer: Caitlin Pianka, Designer: Aria Wolkowicz

A Discovery is Made

A new discovery regarding technology has recently been made! It is called the compass rose and can be used to help sailors navigate on their journeys. It tells four to eight directions and works through an iron needle and lodestone. These two objects create a magnetic force aligning with the northern and southern poles of the earth. This then can show the directions needed. The compass, like previous ones, has the directions painted on it so it is clear as to where he arrow is pointing. All sailors should definitely get one of these. They are much better than the former Chinese compass which did not use this new form of magnetism. In addition, they are handcrafted within our country. There is no need to have to trade with Asia to obtain these useful devices.


Our latest interview was with a native inhabitant of Africa who truly felt affected by colonization. This native said, "I speak for many other inhabitants who are in a similar position me. I am not being taken into slavery, but I am not in a position to change it." He then tells the interviewer that it is extremely sad to see his people treated in such harsh ways. "If it was me, I wouldn't be able to do it. But yet I don't say anything. Most of our leaders see the good in this and how much wealth the trade brings in for our lands. So, all we can do is listen to them and hope that they are right." The interviewer asks his feelings towards the new white men. "They seem to be changing the meaning of slavery. Before slavery was based on our class in society. We enslaved each other. Now, we are all at risk because it is becoming based on our external characteristics. The white men are going to cause trouble soon." With those words, was the conclusion of our interview.

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African American Slave Trade Arises

Slavery has existed since ancient times. However, it has recently expanded greatly as more African American citizens are being sold as slaves by their own people. This increase in slavery has recently spread to Europe. Europeans are using African Americans for work on plantations, while the upper class is primarily using them as servants. Europeans, the Portuguese in particular, have been obtaining slaves from the interior tribes of Africa. However, the Europeans leave the work to African rulers and traders to capture African Americans and bring them to coastal trading posts. At these trading posts, African Americans are exchanged for various products. This constant rise in slavery has caused some African American rulers to protest and slow down the transatlantic slave trade. Ruler Affonso I has spoken out and protested. What many would consider helpful and a convenience to have, others do not. Slavery has become a controversial topic that needs to find a middle ground.


Newly acquired territories in Asia: The island of Goa was seized by the Portuguese in 1510. Just a year later, they took Malacca, an East Indies port. The Portuguese, being Europeans to gain a foothold in Asia, have been winning power and building a trade empire in Asia. The voyages began with da Gama, who travelled first to spice port Calicut. His voyages proved highly valuable. He set the examples for other explorers to voyage to Asia and confirmed Portugal's status as a world power. Sadly, da Gama passed away on December 24 of 1524. His explorations, however, are still benefitting the Portuguese today, as seen through the expansion of their Asian territories.
The Portuguese have recently been challenged in their expansion and trade, however, by the Dutch. After a fleet of Dutch vessels returned to Amsterdam with luxurious spices, they have been setting up colonies and trading posts all around the world. Their main settlement lies in Cape Town on the tip of South Africa. With the strategic placement of this settlement, the Dutch have a firm foothold in the area and have access to a multitude of locations.


Christopher Columbus passed away May 20th, 1506 in Valladolid, Spain. He 55 years old. His family reports, "He died comfortably in our care." Columbus made many great discoveries and contributed to the exploration of new lands. He sailed west to the Indies where he came in contact with the native people who resided there. His discoveries of new lands for Spain made him be viewed as a sort of "hero."

Ferdinan Magellan died on April 27, 1521 in Mactan, Philippines. He lost his life while battling natives in the Philippines. According to eyewitness account, his miscalculations lost him his life. He did not take into account the reefs that surrounded the areas that he was ordering attack on. The reefs got in the way of the ships getting close enough to fire cannons at the enemy. His crew abandoned him.

Vasco da Gama died on December 24, 1524. Da Gama was the first person to sail directly from Europe to India. He passed away in Cochin, India at the age of 64, and his body was sailed back to Portugal. His cause of death is being speculated and it is believed by many that he overworked himself.

International News

As of May 4, 1493, Pope Alexander VI divided the non-European world into two sections. This division gives Spain trading and exploration rights in lands west of the line. To the east of the line, Portugal has the same rights. The terms of this split, officially named the Line of Demarcation, are stated clearly in the Treaty of Tordesillas. This treaty was signed between the two countries affected by the Line of Demarcation, Spain and Portugal, and clearly implied that they need to develop their empires quickly in these new lands.