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Chistopher FOGT A.K.A Chris

Born May 29 from Alpine, Utah weighing in at 205 pounds and back to claim gold, it's Christopher Fogt! He graduated from Utah Valley University with a degree in Business Management. Adding on to being a business man he also was the 2 year captain for sprinting at the university. In addition to being a husband, 2nd Lieutenant, and friend, Fogt is an athlete. He is competing in the 2014 Olympics, in Socchi, Russia, for team USA. This isn't Christopher's first Olympics. Vancouver's Olympics in 2010 was also graced by Fogt's presence. His team came in 10th place and was also disqualified for a sled crash. Though he didn't receive a medal he has received 1 bronze World Cup in 2012 and 3 gold World Cups in 2013.

What is it?

The "Night Train" were Team USA members Steven Holcomb, Curt Tomasevicz, Justin Olsen, and Steve Mesler. The "Squared" part comes in when two members(Justin Olsen and Steve Mesler) were replaced by Chris Fogt and Steve Langton.

Did you know?: Night Train Edition

Steven Holcomb, Pilot: Won Gold in 2010 Olympics, Eye condition procedure took vision from 20-500 to 20-20 with disadvantage of relearning to drive(distractions of now visible things), and certified technician

Curt Tomasevicz, Brakeperson: Grew up in town of 700 and said Fogt is "Most visibly pumped for race" and "would be a character with steam coming out of ears" said by Steve Langton

Steve Langton, Push Athlete: Has a roomate named John Daly that he runs a Youtube show with called "You Daly Nitro"

History: Who and How