Worst Tech Distractions 2016

Isaac Stevenson

Most people who own tech are guilty of being distracted by it when they should be focused on other things. Heres 10 Situations where the cell phone interfiers the most.

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Supporting #1 Driver's

One of the Worst situations out there is a driver on the cell phone, innocent people get killed or injured every single day because of impaired driving. When you’re on the cell phone you can’t see anything but your screen, it’s going to be pretty hard to stop for a toddler walking out into the road when your face is buried in your phone.

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Supporting #2 Dangerous Situations

I see it every day, whether its people operating heavy machinery to holding a gun. Everyone seems to think it’s okay to be impaired by the cell phone. Cell phone distractions cause annually 2,600 deaths and 330,000 injuries, that’s pretty hard to wrap your head around.

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Supporting #3 Inconsideration

It’s really annoying when you expect someone to have something done in a timely manner and they are too busy on their phone to care about the task at hand. Whether its picking up shells to doing the laundry technology has caused the biggest distraction ever.

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Supporting #4 Carelessness

Kids have no limits to how rude they can be. When you walk up to go and order fast food I can’t tell you how many times the people on the front line are too busy on their phones to serve the customer. Ten years ago an employee would be fired on the spot for something like that, but now it’s a common occurrence.

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Supporting #5 Loss Of Relationships

This sad little man lost his family and friends because of the cell phone and is now resorting to standing beside a light pole with only his cigarette to love him. Even other tech items can ruin a family, from a work computer or even the latest gaming console.

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Supporting #6 Loss Of Interest In Physical Fitness

It’s all over social media, "Get 6 Pack Abs!!", "Lose 20 Pounds Fast!!!" most of these ads promote that you can sit on your butt and do nothing and you will achieve the physique you desire. There are too many things in the tech world that draw you to sit down and relax but in reality people need to get up and move!

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Supporting #7 Loss Of Sleep

Kids especially come into school every morning exhausted because of sleep deprivation. The main cause of people not getting enough sleep is because they are on technology too late when they should be sleeping. Every morning when I wake up I have at least 20 messages because I’m so popular and everyone else loses there much needed sleep trying to talk to me.

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Supporting #8 School Issues

One of the biggest causes of bad grades is the fact that kids are too busy with their technology to complete their assignments in a timely manner. While technology has become a powerful teaching tool, the downside to that is that at all times you are one click away from a distraction that will pull you off task and cause you to fail the assignment.

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Supporting #9 Child Care

So many times I see a parent out in public not paying any attention to their child when they should be. This can cause serious issues in family life and for the safety and wellbeing of the child. Children need to have a strong upbringing and not a parent that is always blocked by the cellphone or computer.

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Supporting #10 Dinner Time Distractions

Some of the best quality time is spent at the dinner table, but sadly most of that time gets taken up by technology and it’s never ending distractions. Family’s that don’t eat dinner together and spend quality time are said to be 56% more likely to end in a divorce.


This world is filled with massive problems and distractions from technology only make things worse. I firmly believe if everyone would put away the phone on the highway alone I could make it to school on time for the first time! Anyways so do us all a favor, if you shouldn’t be on the phone or on tech. PUT IT AWAY.