The Rangers Apprentice

Kings of Clonmel

Join the Fight!

The Rangers Apprentice is based in Medieval times in Europe, with knights and kings, Servants and peasants. In the Kingdom of Araluen, The King created a special task force called The Rangers. These Rangers are highly trained in the art of stealth, archery, observation, hand to hand combat, and tactical planning. Our young Apprentice Will is on his own now, in his own Fief of the kingdom. Until, of course, him, his old master Halt, and his friend Horace are called upon to save The neighboring kingdom Clonmel form the Outsiders.

The Outsiders

The Outsiders are a massive network of bandits that "serve" under the golden god of friendship, Alseiss. They go throughout the land promising protection to people with their god, warding off the bandits under their own control. In return, they require all of the peoples gold to build an Altar for their god, which is later stolen from the people when the Outsiders move to their next target.

Protagonist vs. Antagonist

In this tale, The Protagonist are Will, Halt, and Horace. Together, they work to fight against the antagonist Tennyson, who is the leader of the Outsiders.

Kingdom of Clonmel

Halt was originally the heir to the thrown when he was a child. However, his younger twin Ferris was power thirsty, and couldn't let his brother take what was "rightfully" his. Ferris chased halt out of the kingdom with his attempts of murder on his older brother, who faked his own death to escape and became a Ranger of Araluen. Halt is compelled to return to save his brothers kingdom from the Outsiders in an attempt to protect Araluen.


After reading this book and the series that precedes it, I would recommend this book a 9 out of ten for young readers. This series is well written and detailed and should prove worthy of reading. The Author, John Flanagan, did an incredible job writing the story of Will and his Adventures.

Connections to Mythology

This story relates to Greek mythology in the sense that there is our protagonist/ Hero Will, and that there is an Antagonist to prevent his good doings, Tennyson. The Hero has a Quest for a greater cause involving himself, in this case it would be Will working to protect Araluen and bring peace to all the lands. The Hero also has his special weapon that only he and heroes alike can use, for instance Will has his Longbow that only he and the Rangers alike know how to use expertly.