Neonatal nurse

by: Morgan Falkenberg

Nature of Work

What duties and tasks do you preform?

- Care for babies

- Give special treatment to babies

- Nurture a baby to good health

- Help parents understand their babies condition

- Feed the babies

Where do you work?

- Hospitals

- Clinics

- Nicu

What conditions?

- Stressful

- Rewarding

What abilities are needed?

- Careful

- Work under pressure

- Respectful


What school(s) can you attend to attain your professional training?(MI)

- Eastern Michigan

- University of Michigan Nursing

-Baker Collage

How much education do you need?

- 4-7 years

What school subjects are important





-creative arts

-nursing classes

Personal Impression

What are the best and worst parts of the job?


- seeing a baby succeed

- helping a baby to health

- preforming a special bond with parents


- seeing a baby not live

- seeing a baby in the hospital for a long time

-dealing with difficult parents


per hour


a year