Canada and the US- Connected

By: Davis Crace

Shared Economics

The US and Canada have an enormous trade relationship. This relationship helps create millions of jobs. Canada is the biggest energy supplier for the US. The Canada and the US have an extremely large investment relationship. The US invest for Canada's mining, chemicals, transportation of equipment, and finance. While Canada invest for US' insurance, banking, and other services. The NAFTA (The North American Free Trade Agreement) in the US and Canada has become more established by resolving long lasting differences. Such as agriculture, financial services, and government.

Social Connections

From the 1750's to now there has been talk about how the population in the US and Canada have been growing with migration between each continent. Canada's population consists the most of Christianity with a big 73.6%, while the US has about 78.4%. Canada(other than some of the french speakers) has English as the official just as the US does. In the near 2000's about 100,000 Canadians moved to the US, most of them moved to mill towns in New England. When they got there they formed distinct ethnic groups. Later they gave up speaking French and more English Canadians came to the US, they did not form their own ethnic groups.

Political Connections

Canada has a Sovereign which is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II they also have a Prime minister Stephen Harper. Now the US has a President, Barack Obama, even though they both don't have a president or prime minister they are both a democracy. The US and Canada share the North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO) which helps with security between the two continents. They also share the North American Aerospace Defense Command(NORAD) which watches over North America and gives defense if needed.