A Care In The World... Going Green

By:Catalina Arndt

Who Cares?

We are destroying our world by not being "green" enough! Next time your in a car driving on the highway look outside. What do you see? You will most likely see trash! Gross I know! Our planet is 1 in 8 (Pluto is not a planet) and we can only survive on one. That's right Earth! So take a care in the world.

Whats Happening?

The Amazon Rain-Forest.

Did you know that scientist predicted that by 2090 we will have no more rain forest left. Yup all gone. The Amazon Rain-Forest alone is 1.4 billion acres. Home to 2 and a half million insects and 40,000 different plants. Ten percent of the worlds species live in the Amazon Rain-Forest and twenty percent of all the bird species. (sciencekids., 2013)

We Can't Forget About All The Paper We Use!

Every year each person uses about 10,000 pieces of paper! Do your parents ever get "junk mail"? Well junk mail consumes about 100,000,000 trees a year. You can go to Office Max and find 100% recycled paper or go to GreenLogoShop.com to find recycled items of all sorts. We all go school shopping and get new school supplies at least once a year. Most lists consist of 7 notebooks that we will only use half of. Some folders are ever made of paper now! We all go to the bathroom and use toilet paper. And homework sheets yeah, that's paper too. I don't think we realize how much paper we use! But it is a lot. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. (Tosh, 2008)

A Recycling Myth!

Has some one ever told you to keep filling the same plastic bottle? Well don't! Its's not healthy! After reusing your plastic bottle chemicals from the plastic will leak into your bottle!(instructables,2013) It takes water bottles 7,000 years for a plastic bottle to even start composting. Each American uses about 167 water bottles a year. 80% of those water bottles won't be recycled. Bottled water is the 2nd most popular beverage in the US. Instead of even buying plastic bottles buy s Thermos or water bottle that is suppose to be reused.(greenupgrader,2008)

Does that light need to be on??

Okay! So just think your sitting in your room watching t.v or playing video games maybe even reading a book! You have the light on and maybe didn't even notice it was on! Well turn it off and open your window or go into another room where someone is also using a light! When you go home ask if you have florescent bulbs! Florescent bulbs are the ones that look like swirls! For every bulb you change you save $30.00 a year! change 10 of them and you have saved $300.000 in one year by being eco friendly. That lowers your electricity bill by about $25.00 a month!


How You Can Help!

The Do Something Project...

You can join the Do Something Project. The Do Something Project isn't just for the environment but, bullying, poverty, education, and much more. Joining the Do Something Project is easy just go to www.dosomething.org give your name (first and last) and your cell number or e-mail. Being a part of the Do Something Project isn't just some boring volunteer project. No. The organizers of the Do Something Project give back by giving you movie tickets, stickers, posters, food, celeb sighed stuff, and it looks good on your college app. (www.dosomething.org)
DoSomething.org: 2011


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