Huntsville City Schools

Deputy Superintendent Blog May 2016


Yesterday I had an opportunity to visit the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Dawson Elementary School. The students at Dawson were kind, eager to learn and more than willing to share a part of their day with district leaders. During my brief visit, I was reminded about why our teachers faithfully return to their classrooms everyday to answer the calling of teaching students and impacting the future. You are committed to ensuring your students learn the skills and knowledge needed to someday thrive as an adult.

Our students truly are the reason we do this work. I am appreciative of everything you do to support us in having great students and a GREAT school system. I know your work is not easy, and the closer we get to the end of the school year, the more you realize you must accomplish with your students. You clearly understand that you have one year in which to impact a student for a life time.

Thank you for serving our students daily in Huntsville City Schools!


Huntsville City Schools is committed to ensuring positive school climates in every classroom. Over the past two weeks we have shared the drafts of the Behavioral Learning Guide with teachers, staff, parents and community and requested feedback. We will begin reviewing all feedback on May 9, 2016. This feedback will support us in ensuring we have guides that support you in the classroom next year. We fully recognize that the real work happens every day in our classrooms. We thank you in advance for thoughtfully reviewing the BLGs and sharing your suggestions for improving the guides. Please go to to share your thoughts before midnight on May 6, 2016. You may also go to our district website if you need to view copies of the Behavioral Learning Guides. The below is a sample of the site with the district link.
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