By: Arpad Voros


What is obesity?

Obesity is the condition when a being is fat and overweight. This is when the fat and oils from bad fatty junk food store up in your body to an excessive amount, where it is unnatural. Many people in the United States are obese because of multiple reasons. One is because most jobs here are office jobs, so you don't burn off any fat. Another reason is because we, unlike many other countries, are very rich and get to buy as much food and stuff as we want to, without realizing it.

Obesity affects all people, like the following:

Ways to help prevent obesity

If you are not fat, there are many ways to prevent it. First off, make sure you exercise, or move at least 30 minutes a day (3.5 hours per week) to keep healthy. Then cut the fast food. Cut the junk food. Try to make more homemade meals and make sure that they are no fatty or oily. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits.

However, if you already are fat here are some ways to loose weight. Do everything I said above, but also there is medicine. This medicine that is used by obese patients cut off the protein creation of a certain protein that tells your brain "I am hungry". So once you take this medicine, you will eat a lot less because you wont feel hungry, but also it will make you feel full just after a dozen bites. So here are some ways to prevent obesity.

Obesity Facts:

  • Obesity can happen to anything, anywhere
  • People without a college degree have the highest percentage of obesity (In the USA)
  • Obese people have a risk for cardiovascular disease
  • Obese people have a major risk for cancer, around the whole body
  • 3rd leading cause of death is linked to obesity
  • The estimated medical cost for obesity is 147 billion dollars