Red River Ox Cart

the one and only ox cart

avantages and disadvantages


  • can carry 1000 pounds
  • easy to fix
  • the cart had no iron
  • the cart was buoyant
  1. disdvantages
  2. it was very noisy
  3. broke half a dozen axles in one trip

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they where used in the 19th the late 1830's and early 1840's the ox cart was made.tanned buffalo hide fit into the peg holes to keep everything to cost 15.00 to have one made,and it lasted about 3 trips or 2,688 miles the main route was from pembina to st.paul. they where always made out of wood and only 2 was made out of oak
Red River Carts
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why would you want ride it?

you would to ride the red river ox cart because its a nice ride to see the outside could carry heavy things on can have a peaceful ride with family.if you had to cross a river you could remove the wheels and you could float across the river.

things that made it

what you had to do or use to make it are

  • wood
  • held to gather by wooden pegs and strips of raw hide
  • frogs