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Changing Your Thought Patterns to Beat anxiety

Anxiety Helps

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Changing Your Thought Patterns to Beat anxiety

Changing Your Thought Patterns to Beat anxiety

You should always consult with a physician or therapist if you feel like you can’t manage your negative thinking but for a large number of individuals, there are techniques that can help change your thoughts to help ease your feelings of anxiety.

It’s easier said than done to change your thoughts so give yourself some time to see whether techniques will work for you. Your goal is to replace negative thinking with positive thoughts.

You can effectively use a phrase from a religious prayer or a word that expresses hope that helps you feel better when you say it to yourself. You can try several but choosing one will help you to habituate using the word rather than having to think of a word when you start to feel depressed. Over time this word will automatically pop into your head and produce the feeling of calm and hopefulness it is designed to foster.

You can choose to include visualization as part of your efforts to combat negative thoughts. Visualization works better for some people than others. The choice of an image of a place or an outcome can be useful in helping to redirect negative thinking to positive thinking.

You can spend more time on visualizations that function more as a type of meditation where you gradually create a relaxing or comforting scene and then gradually emerge from the scene focusing on breathing and experiencing positive features of the visualization such as the sun warming your body at a beach.

To fight negative thoughts you can carefully plan the steps of your day to include everyday tasks which can help remove thinking about what you feel like doing. The task of designing and planning your day will help you replace negative thinking with thoughts of movement, accomplishment and ways you’re going to take charge of your day.

A journal that will help replace your negative thoughts with more positive thoughts can include the successes you experienced throughout a day or a plan to modify your schedule so that you can fit in more activities into your schedule. Your journal should always include successful interactions you had with other people throughout the day. You can also include inspiring quotes or ideas you heard on a particular day.

It’s important to include people in your life who support positive rather than negative thinking. This is different from attaching yourself to someone who gives you license to do whatever you want because everyone has their own psychology. For instance, there are people who need to feel needed who unintentionally can discourage your progress by taking charge of your feelings. Your goal is to take charge of your own thoughts and feelings.

After you’ve committed yourself to positive thinking, consider that this change in thought processes may in itself create anxiety for you because you are accustomed to more negative thinking. It will take courage and effort to redirect your thoughts.

Replacing a tendency to think negatively with positive thinking can be a great way to fight feelings of anxiety. Use the tips above to adopt some simple changes that will help you feel better if you’re feeling depressed.

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