Joan Crawford Roaring 20's

By: Elsa Bajwa P-5/7

The Early life of Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford was born on March 23, 1905. hal lesueur and Daisy LeSueur are Joan's siblings. Joan's parents are Anna Bell Johnson and Thomas E. LeSueur. Before Joan was born her mother and father split up. Then her mother married a man named Harry Cassin. Joan's mother abused since the age of 13, and thats when she didn't believe that her mother loved her. Her mothergrabbed her by the throat, punched her in the face and slammed her head against the floor.
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What is Joan Crawford Famous for

Joan Crawford is famous for being a Film Actress. She was in a lot of movies from around 1920 to 1970. Some movies are, whatever happened to baby Jane, The Women 1939, Johnny Guitar, Our Dancing Daughters, Dancing Lady, and a lot more.

Joan Crawford's Adult life

Joan Crawford first got married to Douglas Fairbanks, Jr (1929-1933.) Then she got married to Franchot Tone (1956-1959.)After that she got married to Phillip Terry (1942–1946.) Also the last person she got married to was Alfred Steele (1955–1959.) During Joans lifetime she adopted four kids Christina Crawford, Christopher Crawford, Cynthia Crawford, and Cathy Crawford.

Joan Crawford's death

Joan Crawford died in May 10, 1977. Joan died of cancer in New York City. She died as a popular person and still is popular today.